April 9, 2020

Digital Marketing Hack

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Digital Marketing Hack Productions - Topics Covered

Thank you for visiting my page, I look forward to helping increase your knowledge in the digital marketing space, marketing strategy space, and business consultation space.

The wide range of topics I will be covering will include Sales, Marketing Strategy, SEO, SEM, Creative Thinking, Display Advertisement, Social media, Video Marketing, Market Research, Audio, Google Analytics, and Consumer Journey.

My eventual goal is to become a world class digital marketing, business consultant, and marketing strategy speaker. It starts small with small videos aimed to 2-5 minutes on educating you on how to increase your skills.

As I learn, develop, and harness my skills, I would like to give back, and on to you. So I thank you for taking your time out of your busy day, and visiting my site.


Sales bring in revenue. Sales is the first step, and the most important aspect of any business to succeed. Sales requires skills, creative thinking, negotiations, and commitment.

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Marketing Strategy

Developing a go to market strategy goes beyond throwing money behind a program. Understanding how each process works in obtaining your overall goal is the way to create a strategy.

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Creative Thinking

Creative thinking allows us to create solutions for problems that are deeper than our first thought. When we think creatively, strategically, and with conviction our problems can be solved.

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Google Analytics

Your marketing should be trackable. Data analyzed. Website traffic sourced out by best media choice. This allows us best optimize our marketing strategy based upon what our consumers believe are the best path.

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Consumer Journey

How our consumers interact with each of our individual pages gives us the view-ability on how to best optimize our pages. How are they spending their time? What are they doing with their time?

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Display Advertising

Staying constantly on top of your targeted audience through target display, with high frequency, creates top of the mind brand awareness. Creating a desire for your product in the consumers mind.

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Search Engine Optimization

Search engine optimization is like poker. The deck is Google, and the 5 cards on the table is Google's first page. Is your current website in the game, or waiting in the deck to be played?

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Search Engine Marketing

Excellent lead generation source. The capability to craft a message on Google's paid ad service that matches your consumer's thoughts leads to a high connection rate, CTR, intent to purchase, and next steps.

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Social Media Marketing

Social media has integrated into a part of our daily lives for most modern consumers. The ability to be presently infront of your targeted audience, where there attention is consumed, has a great chance for returns.

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Market Research

Business decisions should be made on data & analytics. When doing market research, we are allowed to inspect what's going on in our marketplace, what we can improve within the market place, and potential problems to solve.

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Client's Success

Our client's success depends heavily on the results we deliver, the KPI's measured, and managing expectations. When they win, we win. The further we strive for them, the better our bottom line.

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Customer Feedback

Understanding how our customers think, react, and describe our product or service allows us to create the best product possible for the marketplace.

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Main Message

How we learn is unique to each and every individual. I provide learning through visuals, audio, and reading. My goal is to make sure you are able to comprehend, and improve your marketing & business life.

During the course of my years I have, and am working for 2 of the largest media companies in the United States. The experiences, and exposure I have gathered shortened my learning curve for sales, marketing, business strategy, and more.

I will continue to pursue my education. I currently hold my PCM in Digital Marketing, B.B.A in Marketing from SHSU, and in pursuit of daily learning.

Damian Sullivan - CEO & Founder of Digital Marketing Hack