Where To Advertise Online?

Advertise where your ideal customers attention is at. Advertise where your prospects are.

If you are providing services or products that are used by the age groups of 18-30 then you should be spending a majority of your time reaching them via social media, browsing the web, their mobile phone devices, their laptops, and through their radio stations ( soundcloud, itunes, pandora, spotify etc.)

Rule of thumb: Always go where your prospects hang out, spend their most attention, where they have your attention, where you aren’t disrupting them, where they are more inclined to decide, and where they have the ability to quickly share to a friend.

When I do campaigns my favorite sources are:

  1. SEO – The prospect has a question so I want to make sure I have the answer. I do this mainly through a blog style approach where I answer questions that a majority of consumers ask Google.
  2. Geofencing – After Sam Houston State University and getting my degree in marketing I realized Geofencing a school saves me time & money. Students walk everywhere, and they have time. This allows me to hyperfocus a message, keep my age group inline since a majority are 18-24, and borrow their attention.
  3. Social media – My website strives on social media, I even implemented a social media on my website so they can have the same feel as the products they are using today. A majority of their time is spent consuming videos & social media & memes.
  4. Their websites – I place my ads on the websites they are currently already on so I don’t intrude on what they are doing. However, I make sure my ad is hanging right along side, and matches their persona.

This is how I advertise online, how do you?

Damian Sullivan
Damian Sullivan CEO & Founder of Digital Marketing Hack The Woodlands, Tx Digital Marketing Consultant

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