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Understanding Why We Optimize Campaigns

Understanding how to improve campaigns during your digital marketing tenure will pay dividends. Understanding the why will create the urgency for the action you need. When we view campaigns, they tell a story. The story that is written by our consumers, by the marketplace, in relation to what we distributed. Before diving into the nuts […]

Damian Sullivan - CEO & Founder of Digital Marketing Hack
Chief Marketing Officer

CMO’s Keen Focus On Branding

What’s Branding? How our firm is perceived by our audience, our target market, consumers, and competitor’s determine and is a percentage of our brand. We paint the narrative alongside them. What promises can we hold? What messages can we commit to on a consistent bases without folding? Understanding ourselves, communicating that message is what allows […]

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Understanding Joe Pulizzi’s Content Marketing Strategy – Documentary #2

  Introduction: This video was published in 2015. Currently we are in 2020 in the midst of the Covid-19 pandemic, and the principles discussed are still as powerful now. After listening to Joe Pulizzi’s keynote speech, I was able to gain a deeper understanding of content marketing, and the strategy behind it. His research allowed […]

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Understanding the Documentary “The Story of Content: Rise of New Marketing”- Documentary #1

Review of Content Marketing Documentary Title: Documentary- The Story of Content: Rise of the New Marketing   Unedited Key short notes I Took From The Documentary :  We gather their attention, what now? Content is getting a line of access to the consumer, and for them to interact back.  What are my customers concerned  about, […]

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Understand…Marketing is An Investment

Expense Vs Investment Marketing is an investment to your future business success at the expense of current cash flows. What does this mean? As a marketing consultant, who sells advertising media, when I consult a business, they think in terms of marketing as an expense. However, they are not wrong. How Business Owners View Their […]

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Preparing For A Marketing Strategy – Audience Focus

Current Situation The fundamentals of business & marketing ring true. When preparing your marketing strategy, look at your current situation. This involves asking yourself deep question such as: Is my current marketing strategy producing me the results I want? In the last 365 days, what progress have we made in marketing our products? Where we […]

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9 Simple Skills You Must Have As A Digital Marketing Consultant – Life of a Digital Marketing Consulting #3

Adaptability Industries change, business procedures change, economy changes, people change their mind. The list goes on. What you do during these times, and how you pivot, and maneuver through the turmoil will make sure your business stays alive. New conditions always arrive… in my honest opinion… the best way to survive is to keep a […]

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Digital Marketing Consultant Consulting As A Career – Life Of A Digital Marketer #2

The Hard Truth of Digital Marketing Consulting I love digital marketing, and consulting. Combining the two was an icing on the cake. I have learned good days from bad days, great days to excellent days. Also learned the problems of client acquisition, mistakes on campaigns, money lost, failed campaigns, and angry clients. Time, money, and […]

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Receiving Payment For Your Services – Life of A Digital Marketing Consultant #1

Why Receiving Monthly Payments Is Important Operating a small business requires you to receive payment for your services or products. As a digital marketing consultant your payment is attached to your time, expertise, and marketing channels you invest in. An effective campaign starts with understanding the clients needs, thinking a solution, creating a strategy, identifying […]

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How I How Helped My Physical Therapy Client

My Main Message The beautiful part of my job is helping clients see the potential of digital marketing, optimizing their ads within the channel, and shifting correctly with industry, and geographic changes. Within the next month of September, the Physical Therapy Industry is changing for the better, and there is a new revenue for growth! […]

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External Analysis Requires Answers to Powerful Questions

Think of business as a combination of art & war. Preparation of strategy requires critical thinking, extensive research, foreplanning of potential problems, and execution. Creating a strategy requires diverse ideology & knowledge of trends from those who are closest to the action. Such as your local university, local politicians, business leaders, and local chamber of […]

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Why Advertising Is Important

Why is advertising important? Helps customers know what product or services exist within your business Let’s customers know your prices so they can make decisions Gives insight into the marketplace Creates awareness about your brand Informing the consumer Creating a need for products or services Informs, persuades, and reminds Increase sales and profits Advertising is […]

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How To Connect With Your Customers

Connecting With Our Customers Is Key The longevity of a business is contingent upon servicing & retaining current customers, and acquiring new customers. A simple formula, however companies stem away from the formula. This formula protects your cash flow, protects current revenue, and gives ability to scale. How do you currently connect with your customer, […]

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Upcoming Project For You

Frequently Asked Questions We are beginning to answer the questions asked about digital marketing and the topics that hover underneath the Digital Marketing Umbrella. Weekly Digital Marketing News Blogs We would like to implement weekly digital marketing blogs covering marketing channels underneath digital marketing. Subscriptions, Community, and Open Forum We would like to create a […]


Who Regulates The Advertising Industry In The United States?

The regulation of advertising is through the Federal Trade Commission, follow by the Federal Trade Commission Act of 1914. The Federal Trade Commission regulates advertising, marketing, consumer credit practices, and also prevents antitrust agreements and other unfair practices as reported by The division of advertising practices protects consumers from unfair or deceptive advertising and […]


Where To Advertise Online?

Advertise where your ideal customers attention is at. Advertise where your prospects are. If you are providing services or products that are used by the age groups of 18-30 then you should be spending a majority of your time reaching them via social media, browsing the web, their mobile phone devices, their laptops, and through […]


Where Does Advertising Expense Go On Income Statement & Balance Sheet?

If you need help please consult with a tax professional or CPA. As defined by – “Advertising expense is the income statement account which reports the dollar amount of ads run during the period shown in the income statement.” On the balance sheet as defined by – “Advertising cost are sometimes recorded as […]

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Do You Currently Have A Strategy In Place That Ss Producing The Results You Want?

The beauty of digital marketing is in the strategy, content, and quality. Why should businesses focus on digital marketing? The benefits of digital marketing outweigh the cost of a lack of a digital presence. Small businesses fall particularly victim to loss on sales through lack of social media presence. Deficiency in owning a website tailored […]

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Will Print Advertisement Survive?

I will layout a disclaimer. I worked for The Huntsville Item & The Houston Chronicle. My first jobs out of college were Leasing & Marketing Manager for an apartment complex, Print consultant for The Huntsville Item, and Print & Digital Media consultant for The Houston Chronicle. Print has it’s place in every advertising channel mix. […]

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Will Advertising Die?

If advertising dies the economy will come to a standstill and unemployment may raise. Bold claim…let me explain. Business depend on advertisements to communicate with the general public, make aware their product or service, and stimulate the economy through sales. As long as we have businesses around that are here to make money (even non […]

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Can Advertising Cost Be Capitalized?

Accountants report expenses as anything going out. Though a correlation can be made between sales & revenue which eventually trickles down to net profit we can’t capitalized advertising cost. Advertising is like research & development it is spent to better develop a product line or service. Advertising helps develop sales but we do not report […]

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Can Advertisements Change The World For The Better?

Advertisement and marketing can ultimately change the world for the better. We now have the ability of world wide communication, which leads to accountability on our end for creating campaigns that could benefit the world. For instance our ecosystem is vast but yet polluted. Advertisement campaigns can enforce people to care or at least know […]