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Understanding Why We Optimize Campaigns

Understanding how to improve campaigns during your digital marketing tenure will pay dividends. Understanding the why will create the urgency for the action you need. When we view campaigns, they tell a story. The story that is written by our consumers, by the marketplace, in relation to what we distributed.

Before diving into the nuts & bolts, we need to establish what are the 6 key KPI’s of the
“Why We Optimize Campaigns”. We will briefly go into detail.

1. Maximizing reach & availability
2. Eliminate what isn’t working
3. Improving Messaging & Ad Creation
4. Increase Budget Usage by increasing what is working
5. Visualization of data & trends from consumers
6. Improved audience targeting

Maximizing reach & availability
The goal of any campaign should be to maximize our output (campaign) within the marketplace. Consumers dictate who we can target through separation of demographic details such as age, gender, income, etc. Our goal is to determine how within our target audience, we can increase the amount of our audience devices that are delivered our ads. We do this through a number of ways.

Eliminating what isn’t working
When creating a campaign, typically we are involved in multiple consumer channels, with similar messages, but differ tones. When we dive underneath the surface, with target audience being the constant, we need to eliminate the channels that aren’t working. What channels are failing to reach the KPI’s intended, or which campaign channels are failing to move revenue levers? How do we know? The marketplace will brutally let you know.

Improving Messaging & ad creation
When we take a dive at what is working, we need to understand which campaign message per channel is delivering & resonating with our intended audience. Then we understand & strive to find out why. Could a few tweaks in an ad campaign deliver higher quality results? Messaging is highly important as that is what creates the action that takes place on behalf of the consumer as they interact or see your ad. A weak message will be determined by the consumer marketplace, and will show up in the data results.

Improving budget usage
Once the campaign has begun, the constant center around attention should be on improving budget usage. That will help us create the actions, and truly understand our campaign. For instance, you may be getting great vanity results from one channel, but revenue from a different marketing channel may produce more revenue per ad seen. This involves us understand what goal we are after, and determining which channel will improve our budget usage.

Visualization of data & trends from consumers
Digital marketing allows us to dive underneath the mainframe, and view the consumer market as a whole, and how they interact with our campaigns. The understanding of how they flow within each action step we invite them to will help us continually navigate their world, and produce better results for our campaign. If there is one key to any campaign, it will be to understand the output of campaigns, and reading trends. We can then increase the amount of educated decisions.

Improved audience targeting

As a consultant, at first glance, and at first thought businesses are quick to tell you who their target audience is. However, upon deeper discovery, we may discover that there is a secondary audience, and we have spent a majority of budget on consumers who are highly interested, but don’t purchase. When we review data, the first key step is to see & break down our audience on how they interacted, then understand the why behind their actions.

Feel free to comment your thoughts below on other TOP KPI reasons we should continually optimize campaigns. Would love to hear from you

Damian Sullivan
Damian Sullivan CEO & Founder of Digital Marketing Hack The Woodlands, Tx Digital Marketing Consultant

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