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Understanding Joe Pulizzi’s Content Marketing Strategy – Documentary #2



This video was published in 2015. Currently we are in 2020 in the midst of the Covid-19 pandemic, and the principles discussed are still as powerful now. After listening to Joe Pulizzi’s keynote speech, I was able to gain a deeper understanding of content marketing, and the strategy behind it. His research allowed for him to reverse engineer the model, and provide us with meaningful ideas, and implementable steps to creating our own audience. The seminar is around 37 minutes to an hour, but rich in content. 

Summary of The Content Marketing Strategy Video by Joe Pulizzi: 

Our focus should be on our audience, and how we can provide value to them. When we review our business we need to identify what is our sweet spot. Where does both our passion and skills intersect?


When we start/build our content marketing we are focused on the marathon, and allowing our passion & skill to carry us along our journey. When we build out content, we need to cut through the clutter, and focus on the smallest area we can dominate. Dominate, and differentiate and exploit.


As an athlete we all have a certain set of skills that someone else can’t match. For instance if you have a running back who is the fastest on the field, you would give him the ball right? You would give him the opportunity? In content marketing once you dominate, and differentiate your niche, your audience gives you the opportunity to keep creating more. 


We shouldn’t throw up content into the world, but rather have a focus approached. One that is aligned with your content mission statement. Focus on what one content type and one platform, that you consistently deliver your content. Consistency appreciates in value over time. Remember we must plant the seed, before we can pick its fruit.   


As our audience grows, we have the chance to begin harvesting the seeds from the audience that can grow into another tree. Meaning, we begin connecting with them. Focusing on getting email subscribers, print subscribers, LinkedIn connections, twitter follows. 


Focus on harvesting your audience on owned land, rather than rented. Meaning, some platforms can be here today, and gone tomorrow, or they may change the algorithms, and all your work could be lost. Invest in platforms that allow you to have more control, and allow you to create your opportunities. 


Then diversify your audience, in preparation of monetizing your audience, and picking the fruit.

Raw Unedited Notes I took  From Seminar: 

  • There use to be limited channels, now they have unlimited channels - Audience choice. This gives them more opportunities to ignore us. 
    • Radio, tv, newspaper, 
    • Now there’s social media channels, blogging, podcast, webinars, etc 
  • Content marketing is a marathon
    • Most businesses don’t know what success looks like for their content marketing strategy 
    • Most businesses don’t have a document content marketing strategy
  • How can we change how we currently view our audience? Or marketing?
  • First build an audience, then monetize the audience 
  • Content Marketing Formula
    • Sweet Spot
      • Where does passion meet skill? 
    • Content Tilt & Mission Statement 
      • How do we build a mission statement to judge content on, and make sure we stay aligned through our content strategy
      • How do we cut through the clutter
      • Focus on the smallest area we can dominate
      • Think about our audience, and make sure we focus back to the content 
      • Focus on Audience, Deliver, Outcome when creating content mission statement
    • Base
      • One Content type 
      • Main Platform 
      • Consistent Delivery
      • You cant extract value, till you give value 
      • Can take 12-18 months to see traction. 
    • Harvest The Audience
      • Don't build your house on rented land
        • Facebook can change it’s algorithms, google changes their algorithms, Instagram and more. 
      • Find the medians where you have more control 
        • Email subscribers
        • Print Subscribers
        • LinkedIn Connections
        • Twitter 
      • The more control you can have over the median, the more opportunity that is presence
      • Give content/value that makes them give you a real email address 
    • Diversify Audience
      • Build your three legged stool 
      • Once you reach your harvested audience goal then you start the diversification process 
      • Most try to diversify right away
      • 3x3 Model 
        • Personal
          • Amazing Blog
          • Real Book
          • Public Speaking 
        • Business
          • Leading Digital Platform
          • Leading Print Platform
          • Leading In-Person Platform 
    • Monetization 
      • Identify what's the difference between those who buy, and those that subscribe. 
  • Patience: Extend value → Extract Value 



Damian Sullivan
Damian Sullivan CEO & Founder of Digital Marketing Hack The Woodlands, Tx Digital Marketing Consultant

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