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How Local Search Is Dominating Consumer’s Buying Habits

What's Happening?

Local searches are dominating our consumer's behavior & actions, and we need to strategize on how to capture that market share & convert prospects.

The Data Supporting

Think With Google, an interesting twist on how people are using local searches. They have said there is an increase of 150% on mobile searches of “Near Me Now” , 900% growth in mobile searches for “near me today” and a 200% growth in mobile searches for “open” “now” “near me”.

This is golden information on how we as consumers, and we as advertisers can compliment each other in our pursuits. As advertising/marketing consultants we rely on intent, and in constant conquest of finding the right targeted buyer.

What should we do?

Creating an SEO strategy centered around your customer will create an effect on your top revenue. However, if you peel back that onion, understand how your customer is searching will further effect your top revenue.

So, what do we do this information? It’s just information, right?

We optimize our websites, and google maps and ensure our hours are correct. We need to make sure our products are optimized for local searches, and synchronized with how our users search.

This data shows me that we are impatient, (which is good), because now I can help my clients utilize that within their SEO strategy.

Actions To Take

We need to deliver what they are searching quicker, faster, and RIGHT NOW!

If we are open, we need to find out how to let them know, like a neon sign within google. Whether it is a page centered around open hours with deeper information, more information then the typical contact us page.

If I have to give directions from north,south,east, and west sides of town, include a widget, show pictures of surround locations.

Local SEO Mindset

I will do what it takes for my client to ensure that they have the information needed for our high intent customers right when they need it.


Damian Sullivan
Damian Sullivan CEO & Founder of Digital Marketing Hack The Woodlands, Tx Digital Marketing Consultant

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