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How To Connect With Your Customers

Connecting With Our Customers Is Key

The longevity of a business is contingent upon servicing & retaining current customers, and acquiring new customers.

A simple formula, however companies stem away from the formula. This formula protects your cash flow, protects current revenue, and gives ability to scale.

How do you currently connect with your customer, and what is your definition of connection?

Our customers live in an age where customer experience relies on the business, and customers hold the majority of say.

We also live an informative age, as well as a connectivity age, where we can connect with anyone from around the world from the palm of our hands.

Our goal is to connect with customers, and turn them into leads, prospects, and sales. To connect with your customer, first you need to establish a line of connection.

Where do your customers hang out, where do they go, how do they currently communicate, and what is their style of communication.

Second step is to figure out how the customers are searching online in connection to the service or product you are answering.

What is the search volume around your service, where is the location, and what is the trend. What questions are they asking.

Third step, figure out how to connect step 1 and 2 , and figure out how to provide them with content needed to make the decisions, and answer the questions they have.

Connecting with your customers is all about interaction. If they are on social media, find them on social media, if they respond to email, send them emails.

Walk the same path as your customers, and walk alongside them, while leading them.

Damian Sullivan
CEO & Founder of Digital Marketing HackĀ 

Damian Sullivan
Damian Sullivan CEO & Founder of Digital Marketing Hack The Woodlands, Tx Digital Marketing Consultant

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