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Digital Marketing Thoughts On Memorial Day

A majority of my clients (90%) are those who have trusted me to help them develop leads & brand awareness through a variety of digital marketing channels. As I relax on Memorial Day and visit our local state park my mind began to wonder. Through all the consultant meetings I had, people focus merely on 3 main objectives.

Revenue & Profitability

Dollars must make sense, and return most be more than the investment. The higher the profitability the higher the budget. The reason being they will pay a certain percentage to obtain a lead based on the revenue derived from the lead.

Brand Awareness & Customer Communication

If no one knows about you then no one knows about you. They want to reach more customers, and develop a way to reach them across multiple channels while following their consumer journey.


Leads are the name of the game. Since not all leads convert, or convert for high dollars, the more we have the more chances we have. Leads are the potential bloodline of a business because they can bring in revenue.


Understand Your Numbers

Being realistic with your consultant helps eliminate substantial cash flow loss from advertising since our job is to increase your top line. Your net profit & operation cost is unique to your business. We focus on sales & revenue.

Accurate numbers such as average visitors per month, average sales ticket, lifetime value, and more helps us build the budget.

Differentiation of Leads vs Sales

A lead is someone who inquired about your business or has the potential to bring you revenue. We will bring you the sales, so you can bring in the revenue by closing the leads.

Our job however is to bring you quality leads, who are warm, and have interest & intention.

Programmatic Digital Media Strategy

Your Main Message

A perfect consultant understands your number, and understands what he can help control for you and what you are in control of. Revenue is dependent upon you, however the leads are dependent upon us.

My goal is to push leads down your revenue funnel by focusing on the top line while having you invest from your bottom line or from your operating expense.

If both sides run congruently we can help your business sales grow.

Damian Sullivan
Damian Sullivan CEO & Founder of Digital Marketing Hack The Woodlands, Tx Digital Marketing Consultant

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