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Digital Marketing Consultant Consulting As A Career – Life Of A Digital Marketer #2

The Hard Truth of Digital Marketing Consulting

I love digital marketing, and consulting. Combining the two was an icing on the cake. I have learned good days from bad days, great days to excellent days. Also learned the problems of client acquisition, mistakes on campaigns, money lost, failed campaigns, and angry clients.

Time, money, and effort is spent in acquiring a client. Time you can never get back, and risk opportunity cost of time spent working with another client.

The Harder Truth of Digital Marketing Consulting

Sometimes the campaigns you suggest weren’t the best options, or you tried to fit a budget into a solution for the problem that wouldn’t solve the problem.

You have the potential to lose money in this game. Clients pay off schedule, campaign projects extend beyond the scope of arranged price. Clients cancel out of the whim.

Campaigns hit the wrong target market. You thought you found the ideal target audience, but yet the data proves otherwise, and so does the client’s ROI.

Your client is angry, their money, and time was spent, along side your time, and efforts. They are demanding money back and become as active as you wish they would have been when you needed items done.

The Bright Side of Digital Marketing Consulting

There are days we all your hard work pays off, you land the big client, your campaigns succeed, your intellectual ego is boosted, clients rave about you, they become your advocates, money is flowing.

The days that make you go home at night is knowing that you provided a customer a real solution to their problem and helped their business grow.

You bring an intangible thought to customer actions. Your client’s phones are ringing, their location sees an increase in foot traffic, website traffic is increasing, lead forms are being filled, emails are being received, and your content is being viewed.

You build bonds with people who was not apprehensive at first but turned out to be your best client. Your invited to other ventures, you understand their lives, you know what they are going throw and feel their pain.

You reach the level of where money is coming in but removed from the equation of your client relationship.

What Does It Take to Get There?

Trust me as a sales person we rely on sales tactic, swaying of words, negotiation, and complex strategies to acquire new customers, but yet we don’t have a plan to be authentic.

We follow strict rules, we make the purchasing decisions harder, we provide more solutions that we create from a marketer stand point to the marketplace.

What if we:

   Focused on the client, gain a thorough understanding of not what they need to solve their solution, but why.

This will show us the reasons it needs to be done, and peel back the layers of the basic “we need sales”Normally this gives you deeper insight on how to solve the problem:

For example, your customer says they need sales to grow their business. You say perfect, let’s create a lead generation that will give you calls.

The campaign is running, but the client still isn’t impressed or happy? You gave them what they needed. Why are they unhappy?

Focus on the purpose of the campaign

We tend to have a set, forget, and monitor campaign mentality. We see numbers, and believe they produce results.

What if we focused on the how they will feel at the success of the campaign?

Will they get a bonus? Have extra money to feed their kids? Be able to take that vacation? Purchase that new building to expand operations?

Focus more on the how?

We are so concerned about giving all the information to our solution. When we do encounter hiccups on the project, it seems as if we were unprepared. What if we let them know the next steps and how we complete the project.

The Level We Try to Reach

As digital marketing consultant we want to see our client succeed not only on the project at hand, or the problem at hand but beyond that.

I want trust so deep, a bond unbreakable that no matter where I am they ask for me advice, and take my advice into action.

They grow their business to where they take home enough money to put their kid in college.

They have a wedding, and put their hand on your should infront of guest, and say this is the man who made this possible.

Where the client brings you to a friend, and says hey this goes knows his stuff, and sells you without you saying word, and sets up the meeting.

The advocacy level. ‘

So Welcome To Being A Digital Marketing Consultant

Your income will never be the same month to month, you will create deep bonds, you will grow businesses, you will analyze industries, you will learn how the entrepreneurial mind works.

Hop on board, and let’s get started.

What has been your biggest success? What has been your biggest failure marketing?

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Damian Sullivan
Damian Sullivan CEO & Founder of Digital Marketing Hack The Woodlands, Tx Digital Marketing Consultant

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