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Daily Search Engine Optimization News

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-barry@rustybrick.com (Barry Schwartz)

Daily Search Forum Recap: July 21, 2020Here is a recap of what happened in the search forums today...

-barry@rustybrick.com (Barry Schwartz)

Google Search Console Performance Reports News FilterYou can now slice and dice your Google Search Console Performance report by news content versus web,

-barry@rustybrick.com (Barry Schwartz)

Google My Business Notification For Duplicate ListingsHot off the coattails of Google now sending notifications of Google My Business listing suspensions,

-barry@rustybrick.com (Barry Schwartz)

Google: No Need To Worry About Duplicate Content With Site MigrationsGoogle's John Mueller said there is no need to worry about duplicate content when you are migra

-barry@rustybrick.com (Barry Schwartz)

GoogleBot Will Continue To Pass A User-Agent Despite Chrome ChangesGoogle's John Mueller and Martin Splitt confirmed on Twitter that GoogleBot, despite what Chrom


Posted by DaisyQI hate to tell you, but Googling “blog topic ideas” is not going to give you the con


Posted by morgan.mcmurrayIt's been a few years since we last asked you to tell us what you love


Posted by Cyrus-ShepardThere's a new ranking factor in town: Core Web Vitals. Expected in 2021,


Posted by cheryldraperWow! What a crazy ride MozCon has been this year. In case you missed it, we we


Posted by DaveSottimanoWe’ve officially released the Moz API for Google Sheets and want to take you

Guide to Core Web Vitals for SEOs and DevelopersWhat you need to know about Google’s latest set of key user experience metrics for Web Developers. P

Google site command bug being fixedGoogle has confirmed the issue was resolved at 3:25pm ET. Please visit Search Engine Land for the fu

Bing published WordPress plugin to submit content immediately to Bing’s search indexYou can now get your WordPress content indexed immediately using Bing Webmaster Tools plugin. Please

Microsoft Advertising offers free stock images for  Audience adsA new partnership with Shutterstock opens up the stock image library to advertisers. Please visit Se

Replay: The ins and outs of Shopify SEOGo Fish Digital’s Chris Long and The Economist Store’s Ron Diorio share what SEOs and store owners n

-Matt Southern

There’s currently an issue with the ‘site:’ command in Google Search that may fail to show a site’s

-Matt Southern

Bing is launching a new plugin for WordPress that is designed for getting content immediately indexe

-Matt Southern

Google Search Console has been updated with a new type of filter that lets site owners isolate traff

-Tony Wright

You can be a great SEO without coding a single line. And that's fine. There’s room in SEO for m

-Adam Riemer

Learn four possible scenarios involving robots and noindex directives and how exactly they can impac

-Edwin Toonen

Yoast SEO 14.6: New languages with word form supportWe have a new release for you: Yoast SEO 14.6. This release has some pretty cool enhancements, plus

-Willemien Hallebeek

What is a landing page? And how does it work?As simple as they sound, landing pages might be a confusing topic for site owners. What qualifies as

-Edwin Toonen

5 ways to boost your Core Web vitals“If only I could simply wave my wand and have a super fast website!” This has probably crossed your

-Marieke van de Rakt

A blog can be a great marketing tool for your eCommerce site. It gives you the possibility to tell r

-Marieke van de Rakt

5 things you need to know about mobile-first indexingAs you might know, Google is rolling out mobile-first indexing as we speak. In September 2020, all w

-Javier Bello

SEO Expert at UENI, Javier Bello discusses how SEO and web design can work together to create a succ

-Jackson Keil

Optimizing your local SEO means more website traffic, leads, and conversions, as your local customer

-Edward Coram James

CEO of Go Up Ltd. shares four engaging content types that have seen businesses succeed during the lo

-Tyler Stenson

Fans know your name and where to find you but what about the rest of the internet? You need to attac

-Jim Yu

Finding the right CMS solution is essential to SEO and content performance. Jim Yu, BrightEdge'

Want to organize your SEO work but not sure where to start? Check out our list of SEO project manage

Content operations live at the intersection of research-backed content strategy and technologically-

There is no doubt PWAs are bringing huge growth opportunities to any business, and there is practica

When there is a migration from one platform to another it usually goes hand in hand with structure a

There a lot of useful tools which can be combained with each other. Author using Serpstat API, Googl

-Adam Gingery

You’ve read about infographics in blogs, you’ve heard search engine optimization (SEO) “gurus” talk

-Megan Sell

Google controls 85 percent of the U.S. search market, which means its influence over online business

-Motty Osher

We’re excited to have interviewed Las Vegas SEO expert Motty Osher from K2 Analytics for the next in

-Jolene Rutherford

Much like with life, the single bit of truth you should remember about search engine optimization (S

-Tanuj Sangal

Keyword research is incomplete without Google Trends. It is a great tool that allows people to check