Daily Digital Media News

Damian Sullivan
CEO & Founder
Digital Marketing Hack

Our Approach

The ability to grab a daily dose of digital media news in the morning or afternoon works wonder for creating a daily learning environment.

Our Story

Every business, and every digital marketer has a beginning. When I first started I had to curate my content, visit sites daily, and search all over Google.

I wanted a way where fresh content by industry standards could be accessible in 1 spot.

Meet Your Daily Studies

Education is the key that empowers decisions. Understanding what is happening within the digital marketing industry, and how these changes affect your business allows you to see new revenue opportunities.


Search Engine Optimization

Organic Search

Maximize number of visitors who are in search of your product on search engines.


Search Engine Marketing

Pay to Play

Excellent source for lead generation, and those in a hurry who want your service now.


Mobile Marketing

Attention Focus

Over 2/3 of the world has a mobile device with internet connection. Mobile device usage is on the rise.


Social Media Marketing

Your consumers are using social media on a daily basis. Your ideal audience target is there, ready to consume your content.


Display Advertising

When people are browsing websites specifically for products, if your product is a match, your ad should be on the website.


Email Marketing

Reach the inboxes of your target market with an offer that is compelling. Learn how to leverage this technique.


Content Marketing

When we have information that matches our need we pay attention. Content marketing builds content that makes users come back wanting more. It drives relevancy within the mind of your consumer.

Programmatic Tv Advertising

As consumers of entertainment households are averaging at least 1 tv within the home. Imagine being able to target those individuals and delivered tailored ads.


Digital Media News Goal

I have big goals and aspirations to helping you receive daily information that will help fuel your business decisions through content curation.

As a proud digital marketer, and digital media sales consultant, breathing life into the mind of my clients brings enjoyment to my life.

Here at Digital Marketing Hack we want you to become the best digital marketer and I know I can not do that alone. I will however, point you in the right direction that will allow you to take your success to the next level.

As a student in college I realized there was a trend that was uncapitalized, and had great potential. As my grades slipped in college (yes I did still graduate with my B.B.A in Marketing) I was coding websites, trying out affiliate marketing programs, launching facebook ads, running google ads, and understanding analytics.

I knew I had a lot to learn, and I would spent countless nights finishing my school work, but working on my vision, and now my vision has lead me to a place where I understand digital marketing.

The ability to speak influentially, and with conviction allows me to showcase business owners how to grow their business.

I was always entrepreneur minded, and I knew their had to be an easier way for regular enthusiast like me to receive news.

So welcome, let's play today, and let's learn today.