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Understanding the Documentary “The Story of Content: Rise of New Marketing”- Documentary #1

Review of Content Marketing Documentary

Title: Documentary- The Story of Content: Rise of the New Marketing


Unedited Key short notes I Took From The Documentary : 

  • We gather their attention, what now?
  • Content is getting a line of access to the consumer, and for them to interact back. 
  • What are my customers concerned  about, what issues, what information are they looking for, what problems do they have? How can we solve them? 
  • Remember, we are trying to solve a problem
  • Answer customers questions, make them feel good about their decisions,
  • Marketing now is a pizza slice of channels with a fixed budget
  • Focus on what’s important to them as individuals
  • Leading information in your space, to be great you have to start publishing
  • Produce relevant content 


Synapsis: Content marketing drives relevancy, entertainment, and information across any platform. The ability to tell your story, without selling, but intriguing your consumer is how you win a lifelong customer, and create advocates. 


Overall this documentary highlights key elements that I felt we were worth sharing. As you watch the video, take time to fully understand what they are communicating as they introduce their ideas on content marketing, As a marketing professional looking to gain new knowledge and insights they delivered just that. 


When I consult with clients, I always ask them what’s their story, and what problems do they solve for the consumer. Typically they respond within seconds, however my third question is how is it relevant to your audience. Our audience is why we invest into marketing. How is your message resonating with them, and if it’s not, how can we develop a process that resonates with the audience. I believe this  is why content marketing is so important. It’s the ability to stand on stage, and introduce your stories at an amplified volume. 

Damian Sullivan
Damian Sullivan CEO & Founder of Digital Marketing Hack The Woodlands, Tx Digital Marketing Consultant

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