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Understanding Joe Pulizzi’s Content Marketing Strategy – Documentary #2

  Introduction: This video was published in 2015. Currently we are in 2020 in the midst of the Covid-19 pandemic, and the principles discussed are still as powerful now. After listening to Joe Pulizzi’s keynote speech, I was able to gain a deeper understanding of content marketing, and the strategy behind it. His research allowed […]

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Digital Marketing Consultant Consulting As A Career – Life Of A Digital Marketer #2

The Hard Truth of Digital Marketing Consulting I love digital marketing, and consulting. Combining the two was an icing on the cake. I have learned good days from bad days, great days to excellent days. Also learned the problems of client acquisition, mistakes on campaigns, money lost, failed campaigns, and angry clients. Time, money, and […]

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How I How Helped My Physical Therapy Client

My Main Message The beautiful part of my job is helping clients see the potential of digital marketing, optimizing their ads within the channel, and shifting correctly with industry, and geographic changes. Within the next month of September, the Physical Therapy Industry is changing for the better, and there is a new revenue for growth! […]

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How To Connect With Your Customers

Connecting With Our Customers Is Key The longevity of a business is contingent upon servicing & retaining current customers, and acquiring new customers. A simple formula, however companies stem away from the formula. This formula protects your cash flow, protects current revenue, and gives ability to scale. How do you currently connect with your customer, […]