Damian Sullivan - CEO & Founder of Digital Marketing Hack
Business Strategy & Execution Chief Marketing Officer Digital Marketing Consulting

Understanding Why We Optimize Campaigns

Understanding how to improve campaigns during your digital marketing tenure will pay dividends. Understanding the why will create the urgency for the action you need. When we view campaigns, they tell a story. The story that is written by our consumers, by the marketplace, in relation to what we distributed. Before diving into the nuts […]

Damian Sullivan - CEO & Founder of Digital Marketing Hack
Chief Marketing Officer

CMO’s Keen Focus On Branding

What’s Branding? How our firm is perceived by our audience, our target market, consumers, and competitor’s determine and is a percentage of our brand. We paint the narrative alongside them. What promises can we hold? What messages can we commit to on a consistent bases without folding? Understanding ourselves, communicating that message is what allows […]