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Vision, Mission, and Core Values – How well does your business stand?

Strategic Planning Fundamentals for Small Business By Gary May

Growing big requires you to start small. Laserpoint focus & attention to detail grows a small seed into a 100 ft tree that stands the test of time.

Exploring what you read and articulating in forms of writing, thoughts, and exposure helps you feel grasp the concept.

Chapter 1 of this book covers Vision, Mission, and Values.


Leading blind is not an option. Vision gives us purpose, a sense of direction, and the path to our success. Focus on the why.


Executing our vision, and the power of the why behind it. Focus on how you are going to get the mission done. This is the battle grounds of your vision.

Core Values

Life & business ventures require a strong holding of commitment. How we stand firm in our faith, and lead our decisions based upon them through turmoil & triumph.

Important Highlights

  • Focus on the why – The Vision
  • Focus on the how you will get it done – The Mission
  • Stand firm on your platform, and in your beliefs
  • Customer & Employee - Loyalty & Care
  • Consistency, Teamwork & Effort
  • Profit = Your Test That You Are Doing These Correctly

Chapter 1 was definitely an eye opener, challenging my current beliefs on business, but reaffirming a majority of my thoughts.

As a consultant we are forced to be customer-centric or else we lose to the competitor who is. Growing your practice involves you sticking to the basics, and remembering your why.

Customers are the lifeline of our business, while are employees are the blood that circulates to keep us strong.

In order to grow bigger, faster, and stronger in business we can not forget these essentials, however, we need core values to stand upon.

Core values helps us navigate through tough times, solve problems occurring, and have a logical reasoning behind our decisions.

SO many times a company focuses so heavy on profit & revenue that our customers lose on the back end, and employee engagement becomes non existent.

Strategically planning requires us to focus on our vision. To understand what we are doing, and why we are doing it, we need to know where we are going.

Essentially your vision is the road map.

Identifying your key customers is important….but what value do you bring to these customers, what problems do you solve, and what needs do you satisfy?

Price is overshadowed when value creates a stronger bond.

So far this a great read, and providing me with extraordinary information to help challenge my beginning blocks of why I do what I do, and whom I do it for.

Damian Sullivan - CEO & Founder of Digital Marketing Hack

Damian Sullivan
Damian Sullivan CEO & Founder of Digital Marketing Hack The Woodlands, Tx Digital Marketing Consultant

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