April 8, 2020

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-Ksenija Kolomiiets

The coronavirus outbreak bombed all media. You may barely find someone who doesn’t know about this t [...]

-Ksenija Kolomiiets

The coronavirus outbreak is first and foremost a human tragedy, affecting hundreds of thousands of p [...]

-Ksenija Kolomiiets

The coronavirus pandemic is a serious global issue. A worldwide containment effort to halt the sprea [...]

-Igor Zviagin

We have all been instructed to practice social distancing and sit at home because of COVID-19. To fl [...]

-Husieva Anna - Technology Author and Strategist

Change is an inevitable part of our life whether we like it or not. Usually it takes some time for t [...]

-Jack Cieslak

Using the BigQuery live connector, teams can create powerful real-time queries and dashboards to sup [...]

-Emily Arent

Supermarkets and FMCGs armed with a modern data strategy, clear KPIs, and well-modeled dashboards wi [...]

-David Huynh

With Sisense, Profectus found a solution to automate the processing of extremely large volumes of da [...]

-Carmen DeCouto

This robust list of how-to’s will give you the terms, tricks, and tips you need to get more out of y [...]

-Amir Orad

Sisense is committed to empowering everyone who's fighting the COVID-19 crisis directly and tho [...]

An inside look at one virtual customer event necessitated by COVID-19. [...]

Cisco CDA helped one city successfully implement social distancing measures. [...]

3D printing is playing a critical role in fighting the pandemic. [...]

Lenovo and Blackberry are two of the vendors looking to make working from home safer and more produc [...]

Covid-19 has necessitated policies that are long overdue. [...]

  PBRS is a Power BI reporting solution that allows you to send and schedule unlimited reports to un [...]

If you think that self-service business intelligence tools are here to replace the enterprise busine [...]

Most data-driven businesses implement self-service business intelligence solutions to enable users t [...]

Data Analytics refers to qualitative and quantitative techniques that are used to enhance your produ [...]

  PBRS is a Power BI reporting solution that allows you to send and schedule unlimited reports to un [...]

Today, we’re sharing the release of SQL Server Management Studio (SSMS) 18.5. We have some feature u [...]

Android shortcuts are now supported in this Power BI Android app release. Create shortcuts to any re [...]

It’s time to recap all the features and announcements we made for the Power BI service and mobile fo [...]

As the world grapples with COVID-19, it’s critical that public agencies working to stop the spread o [...]

Power BI is capable of flowing through all stages of a Business Intelligence process. In the session [...]

-Saloni Walimbe

sThe recent years have seen a tremendous surge in data generation levels, characterized by the drama [...]

-Brad Lowrey

Big data is changing the nature of file transfer technology. It is both creating new challenges and [...]

-Ryan Kh

Big data is driving a number of changes in the business community. Some of the benefits of big data [...]

-Ryan Kh

Big data is the lynchpin of the Software as a Service (SaaS) business model. Panoply, a big data inn [...]

-Matt Bertram

Big data is redefining the world of marketing. A growing number of SaaS companies are looking for wa [...]

-Mathias Golombek

Click to learn more about author Mathias Golombek. When push comes to shove in choosing a technology [...]

-Manish Godha

Click to learn more about author Manish Godha Scorecards provide historical, current, and predictiv [...]

-A.R. Guess

According to a new press release, “Inpixon, a leading indoor data company that specializes in delive [...]

-A.R. Guess

A recent press release states, “nClouds (www.nclouds.com), a provider of Amazon Web Services (AWS) a [...]

-A.R. Guess

According to a recent press release, “Infragistics is excited to announce a major upgrade to its emb [...]