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Chief Marketing Officer

Becoming A Chief Marketing Officer

What are your thoughts on striving to become a Chief Marketing Officer? If so, you’ll know that the path will include challenges, rewards, and time. So what do you do? Many people have found success by focusing on what all a Chief Marketing Officer does, what their jobs entails, educate themselves on the topics, and discover through experience. This post will tell you what you need to know to make sure you select the best options necessary so that you will successfully gain the basic understanding of what a Chief Marketing Officer does within their organization. 

Along this blog post I would like to focus alongside 20 major topics or key identifiers that CMO is tasked. 


  • Communication amongst different departments to ensure brand aligns within the organizational structure. 
  • Understand how markets are changing, emerging, and developing. 
  • Establishes investment within their organization on marketing development, and strategies. 
  • Leverages media companies, and builds relationships with them. 
  • Analyze marketing ROI and track the results. 
  • Identifies what the market needs, and finds opportunity within. 
  • Understands the customer experience, and researches to understand, and further knowledge. 
  • Reports to CEO on their department’s results.
  • Reviews all Marketing Rates, negotiates better deals. 
  • Creates a marketing budget, and establishes it within the organization. 
  • Understand how marketing develops with sales and the use of a CRM
  • Protects the organization’s brand. 
  • Design Growth Strategy. 
  • Deliver Profitable Growth. 
  • Responsible for advertisements, and digital media. 
  • Focus on product design, distribution, service channel, end user, pricing, and sales. 
  • Focus on customer insight and analysis. 
  • Develops reports, breaks down data, and finds ways to use data. 
  • Understands project management, and it’s uses within this world. 
  • Have expertise, knowledge, information, flexibility, and reliability. 


A CMO has a stressful job within the organization. Marketing is an investment within the business, and for the business that allows scalability, growth, and customer experience. Task are juggled, yet a clear mind focused on the business goal is needed. 

When you think like a CMO, you think decades down the road, and understand the path you are trying to take your organization will need backwards engineering from your decade goal. This allows you to focus on the small minute task, and daily steps needed to ensure you reach your destination. 

Marketing also brings money back into the organization which allows for reinvestment, or restructuring. When you strive to be a CMO, strive to be the best. As I write my first blog post on CMO’s, my goal is to become one, and learn the relevant skills in order to become one. 

For example here is a job posting for CMO. 



A visionary, the CMO oversees strategic planning and execution of marketing programs and branding efforts. A successful track record of establishing and leading marketing strategy in a dynamic creative environment to produce growth and elevate the firm in the marketplace nationally. The ideal candidate has significant expertise building brand awareness and a proven thought leader in the A/E/C industry.


Position Summary


The CMO is responsible for overseeing the planning, development and execution of the firm’s marketing, public relations, communications, and advertising programs. Oversees and spearheads marketing efforts working closely with the leadership team; focusing on market sector leaders and marketing teams. Reports directly to the Chief Executive Officer.


Primary responsibilities include brand positioning (internally and externally), promotion (local office regions and national industry), market analysis, business development support (materials, tools analysis), and setting proposal/interview approaches to win work.


The CMO will be a key part of the Firm’s Leadership Team and will partner with Sector Leaders, Office Managing Principals, and Corporate Support Teams to provide overall guidance and direction for the Firm’s strategic and business plans.


Essential Duties

  • Develop comprehensive annual marketing plans, including targets and metrics.
  • Develop marketing strategies and serve as primary strategy advisor to the market sector leaders and leadership team, including the identification of potential growth opportunities including geographic, building typology, cross sector and emerging markets.
  • Build and enhance national recognition of EYP services and offerings
  • Craft messaging and positioning in the market. Ensure that EYP has a compelling, cohesive brand story
  • Lead media and PR initiatives
  • Manage external communications
  • Oversee digital marketing channels, email and direct social media content development and campaign execution
  • Develop and cultivate cross-functional relationships with teams across EYP as well as with external partners; focus on internal market sector leaders
  • Conduct strategic research in support of the firm’s designated market sectors and explore new growth markets
  • Perform benchmarking in designated strategic markets, including competition, strategic intelligence, and market and industry trends
  • Monitor and analyze competitor and potential competitor activities
  • Seek out and develop senior relationships with customers and partners' marketing organizations, analysts, and the press
  • Lead and mentor a high-performing, highly collaborative marketing team
  • Prioritize and manage marketing budgets to ensure maximum ROI
  • Attend marketing conferences and educational programs
  • Presence - As a leader in the business it is crucial to be close to the action and travel to multiple offices as required.
  • Manage development of marketing materials for collateral, proposals, interviews, and public relations


Req Number MAR-20-00007


Position Requirements

  • Bachelor’s degree in Architecture, Engineering, Communications, Marketing, Management or similar relevant field
  • 15+ years of related experience
  • Thorough understanding of A/E/C industry, its terminology, and its procedures; especially in the Healthcare, Higher Education, Government, and Science/Technology sectors
  • Thorough knowledge of marketing principles, brand, and service management
  • Deep understanding of changing market dynamics in our local and emerging markets
  • Demonstrated leadership skills to inspire teams
  • Excellent communication and interpersonal skills
  • Good organizational and time management skills
  • Produce and present reports to executive leadership and Board of Directors.
  • Demonstrated skills creating and leading digital marketing campaign.
  • Proficient with CRM and SEO tools like Google Analytics, Google Adwords, HubSpot, WebTrends, Deltek/Vision

If you want to reach the level of a CMO, you have to know what skills are required. Research job descriptions, and build a plan to start working on it everyday. Developing the skills, thinking like one, and apply it to your current position. Be vocal, strategic, and align. 

Thanks for reading this post. Hope you begin your path soon. 

Damian Sullivan
Damian Sullivan CEO & Founder of Digital Marketing Hack The Woodlands, Tx Digital Marketing Consultant

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