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9 Simple Skills You Must Have As A Digital Marketing Consultant – Life of a Digital Marketing Consulting #3


Industries change, business procedures change, economy changes, people change their mind. The list goes on.

What you do during these times, and how you pivot, and maneuver through the turmoil will make sure your business stays alive.

New conditions always arrive… in my honest opinion… the best way to survive is to keep a level head, remember the end goal.

The goal is to thrive not just survive.

One of the challenges I have experienced was when clients dropped off financially…the products were delivering, but the money had stop.

My ship was now in bleed mode….holes coming from the bottom, the top, and the middle.

As a captain of your client’s success… you must drive the ship to safe waters and to the destination.

I had to reassess how the wholes got there, what size were the holes, and could they be covered with new boards (clients….cough)….(bigger clients….cough…cough).


Creativity helps you becomes adaptable… it helps you bring an intangible thought or idea into life. You breathe a creation, from words we speak, to on paper, to actuality, to people re-acting & buying.

You must use imagination, and reach a second layer of thinking. For instance, you have a square and a round hole, and you can get a $1,000,000 if you get the square piece into the hole.

The objective is the piece in the whole. I would find resources close to me that can shave that square into a circle, and try to figure out how to use the scraps to create a 2nd circle so I can get to $2,000,000.

How do you develop creativity?

I simply question, and ask how could this be possible? What am I missing? What can I do right now? What do I want to do? How can I make this more efficient?

Just ask questions. Clients will need you to think logically…but outside the box. In a way that helps them succeed, differentiate from their competitors, and reach their consumers.

Digital Marketing Knowledge

I laugh….but this is needed…to be a digital marketing consultant. I would not pick a gardner to build me a beautiful landscape in which to garden if it involves city permits, cost, project planning, and structural development….so why would some one pick you to do digital marketing work if you don’t know.

So what all involves digital marketing?

  • Search Engine Optimization
  • E-Commerce
  • Social Media
  • Content Marketing
  • Targeting
    • Behavioral
    • Demographics
    • Interest…etc.
  • Display Ads
  • Native
  • Video
  • Podcasting
  • Website building & functions
  • Search Engine Marketing
  • Email Marketing
  • Mobile Marketing
  • Campaigning
  • Analytics

Business Knowledge and Accounting

We speak of entrepreneurial spirit later on, but for now you need to have a solid business plan of action, and know where the money is coming from, where it’s going, and how to keep it there.

Business planning…you must think from the mindset of your client. You must know what your client is trying to achieve, and how if you were in their shoes, you would pay some one to do it. They debate between outsourcing or keeping in house. What separates you, and what can you do for your business to outsource or do in house, or delegate.

Where is the money coming from….how are we getting paid? How does the client get paid…? This will require logical thinking. Are we missing current revenue options? Are we approaching or maximizing our current revenue streams? How can lower the input & increase the output?

Where is this money going? Do our suppliers have heavier control within our day to day operations? IF our vendor shuts down, does our business shut down? Where our the expenses flowing out from? Does each expense actually need to occur?

How do we keep the money? Do you have a system in place to assure profit? System in place to pay accounts payable? Debt? Loans? Do you have the money automated & a process that will keep you running smoothly so you can focus on the more important matter at hand?

Powerful Question Ability

Questions = more money, better clients, and sound solutions. The customer will almost never give you the truth on the first, second, and sometimes third try.

To conduct a proper needs analysis you need to look at their business from the outside…and dive in deep into revenue opportunities, problems occurring, past problems, where they are now, where they are trying to go, what they have seen, and what they no longer wish to see more of.

How can you quantify their problem, and make them arise to a decision themselves that there is a problem?

This will help you position yourself, create value, and close the deal because the client wants to solve these problems.

Problem Solving

                Think critically through a problem. The goal is not to eliminate the problem…but eliminate the avenue into which the problem was allow to occurred  (still eliminate the problem though).

You must identify the problem. Create urgency metrics, and timelines. What are the outcomes of each decision? What are possible solutions?

Think of the problem from different angles, other than the one you are currently.

Prepare for the worst, pray for the best, and commit to an action.


                Engineers are great at creating systems that work independently but creates a whole. I love automating as much of a process as I can.

How can you engineer a client’s solution? They want calls….how you can put their ad infront of a potential client, whose in a buying mood, and ready to make a call… is calling actually the most profitable for them?

How can you implement a system once that pulls results, or tweak and continue to perfect? Hint: creativity, passion, skills, and adapting.

Entrepreneurial Spirit

                The vision…Entrepreneurs solve problems…let people know they solve problems.. and get paid. Simple..They don’t accept the what is, and create the what could be.

You must have an entrepreneurial spirit that guides you past the status quo.


You have to love what you do, or else when times get hard, it will showcase you who you really are.

Passion should not be taking lightly…you must commit in full. Your behavior & emotions must display that you care about what you’re doing.

Passion for digital marketing consulting will lead you to results.

Passion will help you sleep soundly at night ready to face another day.

Passion will help you break that next level of thinking.

Passion will instill confidence.

Passion will be your strength to endure.

What skills do you believe are needed? Comment Below!

Damian Sullivan
Damian Sullivan CEO & Founder of Digital Marketing Hack The Woodlands, Tx Digital Marketing Consultant

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