Who Regulates The Advertising Industry In The United States?

The regulation of advertising is through the Federal Trade Commission, follow by the Federal Trade Commission Act of 1914. The Federal Trade Commission regulates advertising, marketing, consumer credit practices, and also prevents antitrust agreements and other unfair practices as reported by The division of advertising practices protects consumers from unfair or deceptive advertising and […]


Where To Advertise Online?

Advertise where your ideal customers attention is at. Advertise where your prospects are. If you are providing services or products that are used by the age groups of 18-30 then you should be spending a majority of your time reaching them via social media, browsing the web, their mobile phone devices, their laptops, and through […]


Where Does Advertising Expense Go On Income Statement & Balance Sheet?

If you need help please consult with a tax professional or CPA. As defined by – “Advertising expense is the income statement account which reports the dollar amount of ads run during the period shown in the income statement.” On the balance sheet as defined by – “Advertising cost are sometimes recorded as […]

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Do You Currently Have A Strategy In Place That Ss Producing The Results You Want?

The beauty of digital marketing is in the strategy, content, and quality. Why should businesses focus on digital marketing? The benefits of digital marketing outweigh the cost of a lack of a digital presence. Small businesses fall particularly victim to loss on sales through lack of social media presence. Deficiency in owning a website tailored […]