157 Amazing SEO Facts & Stats

What would you do with 157% SEO Stats & Facts?

Scouring the internet? Trying to improve your SEO? Learn what's happening in the SEO marketplace as we speak. Our goals as digital marketers is to improve our business or our clients business.

Knowing where to focus your marketing strategy, and channel your energy(efforts) will pay dividends. I see SEO as the most important strategy, or the most needed strategy since many of the factors could be low cost efforts.

Beyond lost cost efforts, if paid, will produce the highest ROI as far as quality of leads & quantity of leads.

Channel your efforts correctly. Take your time, view the sources, and focus on the outcome.

Getting better at SEO & "pulling" leads towards you.

Damian Sullivan - CEO & Founder of Digital Marketing Hack
1.       $5000 the monthly amount majority of businesses are spending on SEO 

(Source):Search Engine Journal

2.       1.3 the number of times mobile searches for "where to buy,find, get " increased in the past year

(Source):Search 4 Retail

3.       1/3 smartphone searches are made right before a store visit
4.       11% of behavorial signals lead to local ranking factors


5.       1600+ is how many improvements to search Google Launched in 2016

Source: Google

6.       18% of local searches lead to a purchase within a day


7.       1st  position on Google's desktop search result has a 34.36% click through rate

Smart Insights

8.       20% of Google queires are searched for the first time

Smart Insights

9.       2019, video will account for 85% of global internet traffic in the US


10.   20x the number of times SEO has more traffic opportunity than PPC on both mobile and desktop


11.   21% of users access more than one of the search results

Search Engine People

12.   236.5 millon people in the US use search engines


13.   24% of on page singles  lead to local ranking factors


14.   25% of all search volume happens outside the top 100 million keywords


15.   25% of marketers don’t outsource their content creation


10% of the way done!

16.   27% of the global online population is using voice search on mobile


17.   27% of the top search results use https


18.   29% of inbound linking leads to local ranking factors


19.   3 is the average number of wordsa  typical searcher uses in their search query


20.   33% of all mobile searches are related to location

Think With Google

21.   35% of clients will spend $1000 a month or leass on their link building

Delhi School of Internet Marketing

22.   35% of global e-commerce traffic comes from search from the 39%

Business Insider

23.   38% of marketers are publishing content as at least once a week

Neil Patel

24.   39% of all global ecommerce traffic comes from search

Search Engine Land

25.   39% of purchasers were influenced by a relevant search

WT Marketing

26.   4 in 5 consumers want ads customized to their city, zip, code, or immediate surroundings


27.   40% of ecommerce sales during the 2018 holiday season came from a smart phone

Outerbox Design

28.   40% of mobile website visitors will leave your site if it takes more than 3 seconds to load

Marketing Dive

29.   40% of people prefer to spend more of their money on companies and busineses that are engaging on social media


30.   41% of corporate marketers claim that link building is the greaters challenge in SEO


20% There - You're chugging along!

32. 43% of consumers do online research while in the store

Retail Dive

33.   43% of people want to see more video content from 45% of people watch more than an hour of Facebook or Youtube videos a week


34.   44% of website referral trafic goes through google


35.   46% of all Google Searches are local
36.   47% of consumers biew 3-5 pieces of content created by a company before talking to a salesman from that company
37.   50% of all searches will be voice searches by 2020
38.   50% of b2b search queires today are made on smartphones, and this percentage will grow to 70% by 2020
39.   50% of search queires are four words or longers
40.   51% of content consumption was driven by organic search
41.   51% of searchers are more likely to purchase from a website that’s been optimized for mobile
42.   51% of smartphone users have discovered a new company or product when search on their phone
43.   51.3% of internet users worldwide operate mobile and tablet devices, while 48.7% use desktops
44.   52% of marketing professionals name video as the type of content with the best ROI
45.   52.2 of online traffic was generated through smartphones

30% There - We are learning now!

46.   53% of those with smartphones feel more favvorable toward companies whose sites provide instructional video content
47.   54% of smartphone users search for business hours, 53% search for directions to a local store
48.   56% of companies have said they plan to increase their content marketing budget
49.   56% of local retailers have not yet claimed their listing for Google my business
50.   58% of searches come from mobile
51.   61% of all visits from social media websites come from facebook
52.   61% of marketers say improving SEO and growing their organic presence is their top inbound marketing priority
53.   65% of marketers affirm that link building is the hardest SEO tactic to complate
54.   65% of people use their phone in their I-want-to-buy-moments
55.   66% of e-commerce takes place on a mobile phone
56.   67k searches are performed on google every second
57.   68% of companies have integrated mobile marketing into their marketing strategy
58.   69% of all digital media time is spent on a mobile device
59.   69% of smartphone users are more likely to buy from companies whose sites answer their questions easily
60.   70% of consumers say its important to have directions and a call button in ads

40% There - Choo Choo!

61.   70% of consumers will go to a store because of the information they find online
62.   71% of B2B researchers use the internet during the B2b research process
63.   72% of consumers who perform a local search visit a store within 5 miles of their current location
64.   72% of marketers believe that relevant content creation is the most effective SEO tactic
65.   72% of marketers claim that relevancy is the main leading factor for improving SEO
66.   72% of marketers consider the relevancy the most critical factor for improving SEO
67.   72.02 Billion is the estimated amount brands and agencies in the United States will shell out for SEO
68.   73 Billion is the estimated number of calls from a mobile search
69.   73% of consumers trust businesses afer seeing that is has positive reviews
70.   75% of SEO is actually off-page while only 25% is on page
71.   75% of users don’t even scroll past the first page of the search engine results
72.   78% of location based mobile searches result in a purchase made offline
73.   79% of people took a relevant action oin their phone prior to making a purchase
74.   8% of search queries are phrased as aquestions
75.   80-90% of shoppers read online reviews before purchasing a product

50% There - Half way point! Woohoo!

76.   81% of businsses think their blogs are an important tool for their business
77.   81% of U.S. online customers consider blogs a trusted source of information and advice.
78.   82%  of smartphone shoppers conduct near me searches
79.   82% Linkedin is the most effective social media platform for delivering content and engaging the audience
80.   82% of B2C Busineses report that video has become their most popular content marketing strategy
81.   82% report the effectiveness of SEO is on the rise
82.   86% of people look up the location of a business on Google Maps
83.   87% of smartphone users use search engines at least once a day
84.   88% of shoppers trust online reviews as much as they trust personal recommendations
85.   90% of B2B researches who are online use search specifically to research business purchases
86.   92% of searches select businesses on the first page of local search results
87.   93% of all online experience begin with a search engine
88.   93% of online experiences begin with a search engine
89.   93% of searches with a local intent
90.   97% of page-one results have at least one image on the page

60% There - The Numbers Are About To Change!

91.   97% of people learn more about a local company via the internet
92.   A number of industry experts confirm that higher CTR leads to higher rankings
93.   A rank 1 website has nearly 6 times more links than a site at 10
94.   According to SEO statistics, 86% of women will check a product or service out on social media before they choose to make a purchase
95.   Adding a blog to your site will increase your chancces of ranking on search engines by 434%
96.   After making a local business search on a mobile device 88% of consumers wil either call or visit the buiness within 24 hours
97.   B2B marketers receive 67% more leads if they have a blog
98.   Better content can drive traffic to a blog by up to 2,000%
99.   Blogging is the top content marketing tactic
1.       Blogs get 97% more backlinks when produced by companies
2.       Bounce rates increase by 50% if your website takes 2 seconds extra to load
3.       Companies that produce a blog have 434% more search engine-indexed pages than those that don’t
4.       Companies that publish 16 or more blogs a month received 5 times more leads than companies who publish 4 or less a month
5.       Companies which use videos in their marketing enjoy 27% higher CTR and 34% higher web conversion rates than those that don't.

70% There - You're Seriously Almost Done!

6.       Content creation is the most effective SEO tactic in 2019
7.       Content creation leads to 434% more indexed pages than websites without updated content
8.       Content marketing gets three times more leads than paid search advertising
9.       For local listings 68% of searches used "get directions" or "click to call" in a mobile ad
10.   Four times as many customers would rather watch a video about a product than read about it
11.   Google answer box gets triggered to about 25% of total searches
12.   Google controls 94% of the market
13.   Google dominates the search ad revenue
14.   Growing SEO has been named 61% of companies as their biggest priority
15.   High quality content and link building are the two most important sigals by google to rank your website for search
16.   If done right, SEO can drive 14.6% conversion rate
17.   If theres a video on your sites landing page your 53% more likely to show up on Googles first page
18.   Important SEO stats for bloggers: blog articles with images get 94% more views
19.   In 2019 all mobile phone users will access the internet from their smart phone
20.   Its expected that 85% of all us internet taffic will surround video

80% There - That's like a B in School!

21.   Local information is the main goal of 46% of all Google Searches
22.   Longer and informative content tends to rank higher in googles search engine results
23.   LSI keywords help search engines determine the purpose and value of your content
24.   Marketers who prioritize blogging are 13 times more likely to experience positive ROI
25.   Mobile search for shopping lists have grown by over 150% from 2016-2018
26.   Mobile searches for "what to get" grew by over 50% from 2016-2018
27.   Mobile-optimized sites are more trusted by 51% of consumers
28.   more than 2 billion searches are performed on Facebook daily
29.   Most important mobile website features are a "list of products" - product, price, place, and phone number
30.   Nearly 80% of users ignore paid ads in search reults
31.   On average search traffic converts 10x higher than social media on desktop
32.   On average, B2B researches do 12 searchs prior to engaging on a specific brand's ite
33.   Organic results with 3-4 words in the title drive higher CTR
34.   Out of the markets who've been using social media for at least a year, 58% have seen improved search engine rankings
35.   Over 40% of revenue is captured by organic traffic

90% There - Wow You Did It! One More Rep!

36.   Over 5.5 billion searches are performed on Google every day
37.   Search engines drive 10x more traffic to shopping sites than social media
38.   Search engines drive 93% of all website traffic
39.   Search queries of "__to avoid" format have increased by 150%
40.   SEO industry is worth approximately 80 billion
41.   The average googe first page results contains 1900 words
42.   The average page in top position has over 35,000 external backlinks
43.   The average page sped of a top ranking site is 1900 ms
44.   The average US adult spent 3 hours, 35 minutes on their phones everyday
45.   The click through rates for video emails are 96% higher than those without video
46.   The conversion rate of SEO is 14.6%
47.   The first oganic mobile listing gets 27.7% of clicks
48.   The first organic desktop listing gets 19.3% of clicks
49.   The google local pack appears in the top spot of 93% of searches with local intent
50.   The ideal load time on mobile devices is 5 seconds or less
51.   Theres up to 30% brand lift for brands that appear in search results
52.   Tools for SEO - Important to know
53.   Updating and republishing old blog post with new content and images can increase ogranic traffic by as much as 111.37%
54.   Video content is 50 times more likely to drive organic search results than plain text
55.   Video content is 50 times more likely to drive them then plain text
56.   Video content is 50x more likely to drive organic search ereuslts than plain text
57.   Videos drive a 157% increase in organic traffic from SERPS
58.   Your search engine traffic can double if theres a video thumbnail in your search results

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